Traditionally, UniCredit Jelzálogbank’s successful business segment is providing refinancing loans to partner banks. The business field has a significant contribution to the results achieved by  UniCredit Jelzálogbank.

The year 2005 brought about a dramatic spreading of FX loans. As a result of the increased popularity of FX loans, UniCedit Jelzálogbank’s HUF denominated refinanced loan portfolio showed a more moderate growth compared to previous years, a trend that the Bank’s competitors face as well.

In order to increase the refinancing activity, UniCredit Jelzálogbank is permanently looking for the opportunities to involve new partner banks in refinancing, as well as to develop new products, to provide higher level services to the existing partners and offering them to potential partners.

UniCredit Jelzálogbank's goal is to expand the group of partner banks and to maintain its growth by introducing new structures.

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